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Dargor - Descent Into Chaos (2021) - Review

Band: Dargor
Album title: Descent Into Chaos
Release date: 30 April 2021
Label: Kancho Records
Genre: Melodic Black Metal

01. Abysses
02. Bloodthirst
03. Awaken
04. The Wolfpack (Satyricon cover)
05. Hellfire
06. Decay
07. Crown (Samael cover)

Polish black metal band Dargor released on 30 April the EP Descent Into Chaos, their second EP. Dargor is the brainchild of Michał Kustra, who also lends his skills as a guitarist to the bands Krusher and Scarlet Moon. Michał started his solo project in 2018, but quickly the line-up evolved, and nowadays by his side is Damian Muszyński (bass, vocals), Michał Socha (guitar), Maciej Socha (drums) and Dawid Warchoł (keyboard). Michał Kustra dedicates himself to vocals and guitar.

The band first EP was Hellfire, released in 2020. It comprises three tracks of raw and aggressive black metal in Norwegian style. In Descent Into Chaos, the band has refined its approach by adding more melodic and atmospheric elements, thus building a more original and contemporary album. This second EP includes the three tracks featured on the Hellfire and four new ones. Half an hour of well-constructed, enjoyable and catchy songs.

The lyrics introduce the mental pain and the dark sides of the human mind. But, the originality is in the presentation of hope, the positive side of these dark experiences, which bring teachings, and can free human beings from mental darkness and bring them to light. I like these thoughts, and for sure decisive when you develop your ideas about suffering. It takes strength and willpower to see that we can always choose lightened aspects of the darkest experiences of our lives. That is lovable and a hand-picked lyric theme.

Two tracks are covers, and it is worth mentioning that they are surprising. Dargor team knew how to work very well on these compositions. Samael cover "Crown" is a clean, melodic, and atmospheric grasp with richer vocals. Honestly, the Dargor version is much better than the original song. The other cover is "The Wolfpack" by Satyricon. Dargor made an interesting rereading without cutting back on the originality of black metal legends, softening the edges and included a more fluid development for this song.

The tracks on this album are very balanced, a mid-paced, emotional melody that touched my heart on the first track, "Abysses". It is a mix of sadness yet so pleasant. The second track, "Bloodthirst" is more obscure, echo Satyricon but melodic, and the vocals are well placed, match the rest of the instruments. The whole album goes along this contour, a crucial aspect of a good album. "Awaken" goes in the same direction. "Decay" despite following the Hellfire line, is more engaged with the rest of the album, fair and interconnected.

Dargor surprises with their melodic black metal. They have a powerful sense of musical reality, allying all instruments with clean and equally acidic vocals. They follow inspiration from bands like Samael, Ajattara, Dimmu Borgir and Summoning, but are original and know how to imprint their stamp. Descent Into Chaos is an EP that deserves attention. Dargor has undoubtedly shown why they came from and has great potential to become a reference band, not only on the Polish scene but also worldwide. The guys proved to be professional in black metal art and, we can feel the dedication. That is what we fans of good music expect from emerging bands. Dargor is already working on a full album and certainly will be more refined, looking forward to listening to them again. Congrats Dargor, go ahead!

The review was written by Felin Frost
Rating: 8,5/10