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Der Blaue Reiter - Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' Adieu Du Silence (2014) - Review

Band: Der Blaue Reiter
Album title: Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' Adieu Du Silence
Release date: 8 September 2014
Label: Neuropa Records

01. Underworld Dreams II
02. Anthem For Doomed Youth
03. Conquest Of Glory
04. L' Adieu Du Silence Part I
05. Il Tempo La Disperazione
06. The Beginning Of The End
07. Under Deadly Rain
08. Requiem For A Dying World
09. The New World Order
10. Conspiracy
11. L' Adieu Du Silence Part II

"I've seen the light of the end of the world"

Do you dare to take a look into the wastelands of post-apocalyptic world, do you dare to explore what it means to remain alive in the wake of Armagedon, do you dare to search for a peace of mind in the beauty of destruction, do you dare...? Insanity and oblivion, battle for survival and search for illumination in the darkness of wasted soil and rotting human flesh. The forever going on warfare, marching troops of bloodthirsty warriors searching for their victims, and yes, a glance of joy and beauty in the shelters beneath the rusty metal... can you imagine that?

It's 2014 and hopefully we are still far away from that scenario, but like two prophets the Barcelona based project Der Blaue Reiter, who takes the name from a group of German artists who united in rejection to the contemporary artistical trends back in the beginning of 20th century, they centered their musical expression around the sound that could paint the timeless picture of post-apocalyptic desolation. Sathorys Elenorth (vocals, guitars, percussions, keyboards and piano) and Lady Nott (violin, vocals and percussions) are set to explore the deepest corners and ruins of human existence with mirthless haunting hymns inspired by a tragic vision of a world governed by secret societies, warfare, disease and the last days of mankind. Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' Adieu Du Silence is a follow up to their critically lauded album from 2009, Nuclear Sun, but on the other hand is a logical and conceptual continuation of 2004's debut Le Paradise Funèbre - L'Envers Du Tristesse.

"Beneath the blood red sky, across the blood red field"

Almost one hour long journey is divided in eleven compositions that hooks and throws the listener into a turmoil of sonic discomfort and majestical emotions. It's one of the darkest creations that can enthuse with such a prolific merging of cataclysmic melodies and pounding martial industrial marchs. Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' Adieu Du Silence is one almost unbereable vivid sonic maltreatment that holds such an unbeliveable beauty of musical expression of unworldy proportions, it's such a complete unity of many different styles thrown out of human hell with astounding elegance and pitch perfect sense for artistical creation. Der Blaue Reiter's sonic output consists of neoclassical elements, darkwave's sorrowful undertones, dark ambient gloom, martial industrial heaviness, fascinating sound of stringed instruments and bombastic orchestrations, everything poured over with such a dramatic vocals.

From dark minimalistic compositions to solemn, almost majestic classical music soundcscapes. You'll hear the solemn angelic chants, diabolic piercing spoken vocals and shouts preaching about the diseased world, compulsory strong effective martial percussions, sometimes reminding to Laibach, giving the feel of total desolation. Atmospheric sounds create such a cinematic horrific claustrophobic atmosphere, similar to those present in the last album of Kreuzweg Ost, just listen to "Conquest Of Glory" and so smoothly then everything is taken over by more than a tender interplay of piano and strings in "L' Adieu Du Silence Part I". Neoclassical and those symphonic elements can be compared with the best things Arcana or even Die Verbannten Kinder Evas and similar artists ever did, but please don't be misguided with my sayings as Der Blaue Reiter is a musical entity on their own path and once you'll hear and go through the fascinating bleak chillingly poignant universe created in "The Beginning Of The End", where the most dramatic and yet attractive elements collapse in one exceptionally made composition, you'll understand that. And trust me, your soul and mind will get both, comfort and discomfort until the very last sorrowful touches of "L' Adieu Du Silence Part II", because there's no turning back, there's only pain in a distant place we are all slowly approaching. 

"Beyond the words of silence and solitude"

You'll hear bursts of gunfire in a distance and find the beauty within death... In a word, Le Paradis Funèbre II - L' Adieu Du Silence, has that magical power that can embrace with its chilling expressive manner. It's a musical clairvoyant telling the tales of the humanity’s final days. Sathorys Elenorth and Lady Nott have found some special guests who helped them in creating their darkest creation ever, Alina (Lamia Vox), Cecilia Bjärgö (Arcana/Sophia) and Daniela Bedeski (Rosa Rubea), and all of them added a special, yet unique touch. This is not merely an album, it's a masterwork, it's entity that needs to be revealed slowly, passage by passage, beat by beat, word by word... 

"And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, nor on the sea, nor on any tree." (Revelation 7:1)

Review written by: T.V.
Rating: 10/10