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Dauden - My Soul Will Be Damned Forever (2015) - Review

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Band: Dauden
Album title: My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
Release date: 2 October 2015
Label: Self-released

01. ...
02. My Soul Will Be Damned Forever
03. Akem Manah
04. With No Presence Of God
05. God Did Not Create Us
06. Suicidal Seduction
07. Where Light Touches None
08. The Sign Of The Goat

It's a great honour for me to be present at Terra relicta webmagazine the band Dauden from Norway. My Soul Be Demned Forever is their debut album and it's rather strange that the band had to release this blackened gem as a self-release. The band exists since 2007, but intially only as cover band. Before this debut Dauden already released four demo tapes, a rehersal tape, Live in Valer'05 - A Tribute To Mayhem, Byllepesten - demo in 2008 and self-titled EP in 2011. The band members are: Drakamer (vocals), Malignant (drums/lead guitar/mellotron), Stûrm (rythm guitar) and Bersek (bass).

Now, a detailed description of Dauden's music and the album, My Soul Will Be Damned Forever, will sound approximately like this: The band plays a very good old school black metal with slight impact of older bands such as Urgehal, Beastcraft and old Mayhem. But a perfect studio sound adds into the picture kind of depth and somehow a mysterious feeling. On the other hand this is music that does not make any compromises with the exception of total misanthropic fever, historical atrocities, pure hell and death. The band delivers its message in a way like poetry and properly throughout anger, especially by Drakamer's expressive voice carrying the unholy message out into the world. The album begins with the instrumental introduction, a compound of strange psychotic noises and unusual linear beats, and after the 2:38 minutes the music starts for real. So it begins the album title song "My Soul Will Be Damned Forever", with quite a melodic rhythm that finally takes everything into the necessary depths and creates high voltage at the very beginning. In the blink of on eye you can feel incredible dynamics and well balanced sound that doesn't subside until the end of the album. Guitars are sharp, energetic and yet progressive. There are almost no excessive distorsions and have a very good tone and sound color. There's present also kind of raw punkish vibe, but most of the time they play very fast with occasional tempo changes into slower and mid paced parts. Everything is top notch accurated, as expected of professional black metal musicians. Dauden delivers nice riffs, tremolos and syncopes sounds throughout all of the songs. Rhythm section is tight and precise, bass guitar has a very harsh sound and at times makes you feel like your bones are crashing in the body, but are also smooth and all the time in perfect scale with guitar tempo. Drums are fast and blasting, clean and professionally played. Many quick blast beats connected with slow rhythms are the main pillar of the overall music. I think in the frst song you can feel a slight touch and influence of the old Urgehal and Mayhem. While listening to the next couple of songs you'll just wish that the music never ends. One of the fastest track on the album is "Akem Manah". Kind of a decimation in the song "Suicidal Seduction" I assume to be about a very sad historical way. Maybe because of Mayhem tragedies? Then the song "With No Presence Of God" which after a few seconds of acoustic guitar play moves into the speedy and pure black metal character with an interesting mixture of doom metal but at the cross section is moved back to the full speed and withaut compromise to anger with shrieking vocals - "SATAN, LUCIFER, DISASTER, URGGHH..." Even more interesting is the introduction in the Norvegian language at the begining of "Where Light Touches None". This is definitely my favorite on My Soul Be Demned Forever. To complete this diverse album there remains only the last one, "The Sign Of The Goat", which starts totally morbid and doomy, and only later actually shows you the character of primordial black metal anger and malice.

Dauden is definitely one of the best bands that are currently devoted to the pure unlight of true Black Metal underground of extreme evilness. I must give an advice to you all black metal maniacs, that you immediately buy the album and support one of the bands that was able to show this real old school black metal from 90s in its purest form! Also horns up to Devo at Endarker Studios for another fine mixing/mastering job, well done! My personal assessment and without any doubt this album deserves pure 10/10!

Review written by: Imago Mortis
Rating: 10/10

Disclaimer: This is a guest review and it does not necessarily represent the point of view of the Terra Relicta staff.