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dISHARMONY - Fragments Of Time (2016) - Review

Album title: Fragments Of Time
Release date: 19 October 2016
Label: Aliens Production

01. City Of Lights
02. Empty [forms]
03. Kyriah
04. Spectres
05. Hidden [forms]
06. Moonstone
07. Memorized Skin
08. Fragments Of Time
09. Real [forms]
10. Aura [vs.Tod]
11. Behind The Door
12. In The Eye [spectres theme]
13. Re [forms]

dISHARMONY is an electro/idm/ebm/dub/glitch duo out of Bratislava. After releasing their first two albums on Tympanik Audio, dISHARMONY releases their third album Fragments Of Time on Aliens Production, their maternal label. dISHARMONY brings all sorts of sounds to the table. All coming together in a whirlwind storm to produce an album which sounds absolutely perfect from a production standpoint. Where their underlying sounds may still end up lacking in originality they have a vocalist, which turns the whole thing on its head. dISHARMONY features distorted and sinister sounding vocals, which seem more fitting on a black metal album than an electro album. This addition to the sound really turns the whole thing into an unique experience for the listener.

Some of the tracks on the album have a heavy focus on the vocals, such as the intro track, "City Of God". Others will go completely instrumental. Strewn throughout these tracks is also a decent bit of sampled voices. All three elements come together splendidly. The album never loses momentum. One track gives us some very heavy beat with the distorted guttural vocals, and the next takes us to an almost spacey chill location. Then there are tracks like "Spectres" which manages to bring both these elements together perfectly. The vocals, giving a harsh element, sit atop a heavy industrial drum beat, yet the synths in the track have a peaceful dreamy vibe to them. Everything is perfectly crisp and clear, giving the listener a mountain of sounds to enjoy as the track progresses. On "Moonstone" we have a beat that is almost dub-step inspired, with a sample of male Gregorian chants featuring a prominent position. This track being my favorite on the album, really shows the artistic capabilities of dISHARMONY. Mixed into the electronic storm and sampled vocals there is still plenty of raw emotion finding its way to the surface.

At first glance this album might seem like something that doesn't quite fit on Terra Relicta. But the darkness is most definitely present here. The first clue to this is the cowled figure on the album cover, staring down toward the ground so we cannot see their face. As the vocals kick in on "City Of Light" we are slowly moving further into a darkness. This darkness is a mix between sinister, spacey, and nocturnal. A darkness that doesn't at once throw itself at you, but instead slowly it creeps into the listeners consciousness. As we move into some of the tracks with the heavier drum beats, the darkness really presents itself the most. Then we have tracks like "Memorized Skin" which sounds really relaxing and chill, yet the vocalist applies his gritty guttural treatment and what emerges is something quite unique. It is as if there is a war between light and dark blasting its way forth from the speaker system. And, speaking of that speaker system, expect some nice deep sub-bass to give your brain a proper rattling.

dISHARMONY won't capture the hearts of everyone. The combinations of their sounds are as likely to make a listener fall in love as they are to make the next person question the artists' sanity. But if you fall into the first category, you are sure to find an album with tons of replay value. Something really fresh and interesting. It is hard these days to come across a band that pushes the boundaries of genres without seeming to force the collision. dISHARMONY certainly manages to make their sound feel natural to them, while still being absolutely breakthrough. I would highly recommend this to anyone who likes a bit of the grittier side of club music, dub-step, ebm, idm, etc. But diehard fans of metal may even find something interesting here. Luckily they have enough of their music online for you to make this decision for yourselves fairly easy.

Written by: Michael
Rating: 8/10