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Sons Ov Omega - Reign (2017) - Review

Band: Sons Ov Omega
Album title: Reign
Release date: 18 February 2017
Label: Black Lion Records

01. Pandora
02. Fields Of Ember
03. Quetzalcoatl
04. Nuclear Salvation
05. Malleus Maleficarum
06. Kali
07. BrainWave Zero
08. The Tempest
09. Deluge
10. Dreams Of A Sunken City (Intro)
11. Cthulhu

Reign is the personification of a project conceived and started in 2012 by Sons Ov Omega, a Swedish apocalyptic occult metal legion as they call themselves. From the mental depths of creative process by Tiamat Invictuz and Lord Arktos that promptly attracted Mors and Anthropos. From 2012 until 2015, the year in which the band entered the studio to finally record their first full length album, a lot of work was done. Although they were born in the cradle of black metal scene, the differences and musical influences among them were immense. But with the maturity of ideas and concepts formulated through their musical experiences with other groups, they finally seem to have come to a common point. We heard about Tiamat Invictuz for the first time in 2009, when he recorded three songs with the now defunct band Apocalyst (you can check on My Space to feel how devilish is Invictuz's vocals). In 2015 he began to do the vocals and guitar in Wormlight alongside his friend the bassist, Lord Arktos. But all this time they have worked tirelessly, refining their sound, writing lyrics, looking for a lyric theme that represented the band as a whole but also the individuality of each.

In 2016 the band signed with Black Lion Records and later in this month will be the official release of the album named Reign. The lyric theme of the album is based on excerpts from world mythology. The album consists of 11 divergent tracks. All of them elegantly orchestrated by the combination of elements of the most diverse dark and obscure styles. Black metal and melodic death metal are the basis of everything here, but intermingling the harmonic construction, you will find a bit of folk metal, dark indie, tons of progressive metal and unusual avant-garde musical constructions. This work certainly brings all the maturity acquired by the main members over the years.

I particularly enjoyed the album, I would only have a few if nons regarding the tracks "Kali" and "Deluge". The "Kali" track, individually is beautiful, like a gentle and warm desert breeze, but the vocals are not in harmony with the rest of the instrumental! I noticed that the voice is forced when reciting the ode to Kali at the beginning of the track, the melodic vocals in some points sounds strange, but from 3:00 when the ode is recited again and the heavier and more aggressive elements take over it pleased me. The same problem with lack of vocal harmony occurs in "Deluge", if I were to analyze only the voice I would say it is a typical post-punk vocal. However, there's too much innovation introduced in this field (voice tones) for my taste, if this was the intention of the main members. I particularly believe that some elements of black metal and death metal are sacred and must be preserved.

The tracks, "Pandora", "Quetzalcoatl", "Fields Of Ember" and "Malleus Maleficarum" are the most beautiful songs on the album. I'm a suspicious person when it comes to guitars and bass lines, because these are instruments that hypnotize me. But I cannot fail to comment, although I feel the simplicity in many riffs, these are structured in a way so sweet and harmonious that it is impossible not to like. I love it how it's played. These songs are simply perfect in every aspect and form. The "Fields Of Ember" refrain has a special meaning for me. The "Nuclear Salvation" track is mesmerizing too; it has an “oriental” tone that blends in with the metal symphony and a beautiful death voice! Incidentally, the guitar here also devastates any soul.

The 7th track, "BrainWave Zero", made me submerge in memories of the old days of heavy metal! You will have tons of classic old school metal shades and of course, perfect vocal interpenetrations. It's the communion between the light and romantic vocal with the beautiful bestial vocals. "The Tempest" shows itself a very traditional and very professional track, there is no way you do not recognize the quality of these musicians. I also really liked the track "Dreams Of A Sunken City (Intro)", this one could sound brilliantly on some movie score. And, finally, "Cthulhu", nothing against everything in favor. At some point depending on how and where you will be listening to this track, the octopus god himself may personify in front of you.

Sons Ov Omega is a newcomer band, even though they exist since 2012, the members are mostly young but very talented and interested in doing something different and great. And after the release of Reign, undoubtedly the legion of the sons from the god of the Apocalypse will increase, not only in Sweden, but across the planet. Permaneas habet Longam vitam "Sons Ov Omega"!

Review written by: Felin Frost
Rating: 8/10