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Caedeous - Domini Tenebrarum (2018) - Review

Band: Caedeous
Album title: Domini Tenebrarum
Release Date: 20 February 2018
Label: Self-Released

01. The Shape Of Things To Be
02. Fall Of Mankind
03. Corbie, The Deceiver
04. Light Of Darkor
05. Rise Of Marion
06. Siege Of Draedemor
07. Valley Of The Wicked

In the year 2017, more precisely in the month of September I had the honour to review Zornheym's debut album, a symphonic black metal masterpiece in a general context. Now at the beginning of 2018 another piece of art and supreme dedication fell into my hands, Domini Tenebrarum of the band Caedeous. An international musical project that was formed by Portuguese composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Paulo J. Mendes. Alongside Paulo, performing in this beautiful work are Rute Fevereiro (Black Widows, Enchantya) who wrote the lyrics and acts as singer, Bernardo Rodrigues (ex-Requiem Laus) on guitars, Manuel Pinto (ex-Enchantya) on bass and Bruno Guilherme (Cruz De Ferro) on drums. Initially in December 2017 was released the orchestral album of Caedeous, by the way, a passionate and haunted theatrical horror album that presents not only an ethereal world of magic, but also of beautiful, malicious terror. Now Caedeous will release Domini Tenebrarum, a version that combines in a well-structured way the symphonic side with the extreme characteristic of the dark metal and black metal.

The result of this is a masterpiece, a monstrous undertaking that is executed with precision and skill. Unlike other symphonic metal albums, the first feature you will notice when delighting with it is that along the seven tracks, the symphonic part stands out from the black metal. This acts as background, so to speak. But do not be retrograde to think that this is not an album of the genre in particular, because all the basic elements and instruments of the more extreme style are present. Actually this mix, leaving the extreme metal part in the background, worked very well and Domini Tenebrarum is different from what you've heard so far in many ways. The whole thing is also pretty theatrical, there's so much going on in those soundscapes. Domini Tenebrarum is a conceptual album exploring the collapse of the civilization of the Middle Ages. Faced with her false and superficial beliefs, the iniquity of many is punished by demons and a ruthless witch. For connoisseurs of real stories of the time, the fantasy version brings a clear message when it comes to the masks of false goodess and fear of God, proper to the time.

Domini Tenebrarum opens with the intro "The Shape Of Things To Be", a melancholic and menacing track as one might expect. The strings calm down under a warmer and distant orchestra tones, while a voice free of happiness whispers. The second track, "Fall Of Mankind", sings quickly, boosted by the impressive soprano of Rute Fevereiro. From the third track, "Corbie The Deceiver", the songs change direction and the narrative becomes wildly grotesque, even more theatrical by the appearance of the antagonist Corbie. The orchestral parts with melodic riffs and the ethereal/operatic vocals of Fevereiro offer an inspiring almost eight minutes long track. "Light Of Darkor" is even more dense and desperate. I would also like to point out the blastings of Guilherme's drums in a frenetic and maniacal rhythm in the subsequent tracks, as well as the harsh shrieking or sometimes guttural vocals and the particular style of riffs. "Valley Of The Wicked", brilliantly closes this medieval saga of emptiness and suffering. This track summarizes all the others, the dissonant sounds and a solo work of the guitarist impressed me a lot.

Sincerely, this album undoubtedly was perfectly elaborated and like Zorn (Tomas Nilsson) from the band Zornheym, Paulo Mendes is more of a bright-minded genius who shows himself to the world and his Caedeous project is here to stay, because magnificence is this, the power of creation that takes form and body and exists by itself. Congrats to all the musicians involved.

Review written by: Felin Frost
Rating: 9,5/10