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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2018

01. Amorphis -
Queen Of Time
02. Dimmu Borgir -
03. Khôrada - Salt
04. Immortal -
Northern Chaos Gods
05. MGT -
Gemini Nyte
06. Summoning -
With Doom We Come
07. Crone -
08. Primordial -
Exile Amongst The Ruins
09. Atrium Carceri & Herbst9 -
Ur Djupan Dal
10. Mournful Congregation -
The Incubus Of Karma


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Latest news

ASEROE - Debut EP Out Soon, New Video Released

Black metal newcomers Aseroe will release their self-titled debut EP on 24th August via Grey Matter Productions. Aseroe's brand of atmospheric, progressive black metal dissonance...


PULCHRA MORTE - Releases New Single Featuring Paradise Lost Cover And New Video

USA based doom/death metal legion Pulchra Morte has released today a limited edition single featuring the haunting sounds of "Soulstench" on Side A and a rendition of Paradise Lost's "The Painless"...


PHAL:ANGST - New Video Premiered Online, Fourth Album Out In September

Austrian electronic/industrial/post-rock band Phal:Angst just released a brand new video for the new track "On the Run". The track is taken from bands upcoming album, Phase IV.


MALEPESTE & DYSYLUMN - To Release Split Album In October, Two Tracks Streaming

Goathorned Productions will release on 15th October the split album between French black metal bands Malepeste and Dysylumn. Although split albums generally exist as two seperate EPs...


TEZCATLIPOCA - New Album Out In October, Presents First Track

Mexican black metallers Tezcatlipoca have set 19th October as the international release date for their sophomore album, Tlayohualtlapelani, through Iron Bonehead Productions.


KVLT OF EBLIS - Presents First Track From Upcoming Debut Album

Colombian black metal band Kvlt Of Eblis will release their debut album entitled Templo de la Serpiente Negra on 31st August through Morbid Skull Records.


SIRENIA - New Album Out In October, Announces First Leg Of European Tour Dates

Norwegian female fronted symphonic/gothic metal giants Sirenia are going to return to the European stages again. In November, Morten Veland and his bandmates are heading South for an headlining tour.


A PLACE BOTH WONDERFUL AND STRANGE - Announces Release Date Of New EP And Presents New Video

Brooklyn (USA) based occult electronic band A Place Both Wonderful And Strange will release on 24th August their highly-anticipated new EP, The City Smells Like Cat Spit.


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In the spotlight


The word of goth music and dark rock in general wouldn't be what it's without the legendary German band Garden Of Delight, a band which is one of the main acts for the development of second wave of gothic rock in the early 90s. Who on this planet that is into goth doesn't know the cult albums like Enki’s Temple, Sargonid Seal or Necromanteion IV, just to name a few? Then, the band which started its path in 1990 called it quits in 2008 and then another gem of dark music emerged in 2010, Merciful Nuns, the only real successor to Garden Of Delight. Even though that Merciful Nuns emerged from the ashes of the legendary Garden Of Delight - most of the similarity ends here. Artaud said: "The intension to split up Garden Of Delight and go on with the Merciful Nuns was to create something darker and deeper as Garden Of Delight ever could do." Merciful Nuns has evolved from leading the resurgence of goth to becoming a unique genre in itself, into something that got a label occult post goth. The three Germans, masterminded by the iconic Artaud Seth, has now just released through Solar Lodge their album number ten, titled Anomaly X, which is also the final album for this exceptional band.


Album of the month - July 2018

Band: Khôrada
Album title: Salt
Release date: 20 July 2018
Label: Prophecy Productions

Originality in an era of creative conformity is rare. Khôrada’s debut album Salt cuts through the heavy music scene fluff and is Exhibit 1 for what can be produced through hard work and dedication to the craft when the correct amalgamation of individual personalities and talent work in unison. Casting aside the well-known stylings of their now defunct bands, Agalloch and Giant Squid, obviously provided the crew of Don Anderson (guitar), AJ Gregory (vocals/guitar), Jason Walton (bass) and Aesop Dekker (drums) the freedom to explore new sonic terrains; an opportunity they fully pursued. The easiest path would have been to replicate their old sounds without breaking new ground. Instead, Salt is a genre-defying slab of contemporary post-metal infused with a healthy appreciation of psychedelia, sludge and precise riff-mongering. While many contemporary vocalists choose grunts and growls out of ease (or necessity), the clean vocals utilized on all of Salt perfectly fit with the soundscape being forged from this burst of new growth as artists and creators.

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Owl - Anamnesis