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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2017

01. Lacrimosa
- Testimonium
02. Sólstafir
- Berdreyminn
03. Soror Dolorosa
- Apollo
04. Ulver
- The Assassination Of Julius Caesar
05. Myrkur
- Mareridt
06. Sun Of The Sleepless
- To The Elements
07. Moonspell
- 1755
08. Au Champ Des Morts
- Dans La Joie
09. Andras
- Reminiszenzen...
10. Svartsinn
- Mørkets Variabler


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Latest news

FLOWERS FOR BODYSNATCHERS - New Album Out Soon, Track Available For Streaming

Australian dark ambient act Flowers For Bodysnatchers is returning with a new album! Entitled Asylum Beyond is set to be released on 28th November via Cryo Chamber.


GREYFELL - Unveil Cover Artork And Tracklist Of Upcoming Album

French doom metallers Greyfell unveiled the cover artwork and track listing of their new album, Horsepower, which will be released on 12th January 2018 via Argonauta Records.


ABYSMAL GRIEF - New Album Out In January, Details Revealed

Italian masters of dark'n'doomed sounds Abysmal Grief will release a new, their fifth full-length album entitled Blasphema Secta on 13th January via Terror From Hell Records.


EXIT EDEN - Presents Another Live Video

All-female all-star symphonic metal four piece, Exit Eden, released another live video shot at Hamburg Metal Dayz. This time the ladies present a live version of "Impossible".


DJINN AND MISKATONIC - Announce New Album, First Track Available For Streaming

Indian premier doom metal band Djinn And Miskatonic announce their long-awaited second full length after their highly successful debut in Forever In The Realm. The second album will be entitled Even Gods Must Die...


ALIEN KNIFE FIGHT - New Video Released

USA based indie art duo Alien Knife Fight made a brand new video clip for the track named "Clocks". Alien Knife Fight may be best known for their punk tinged blues styling...


FEBRUUM - Debut EP Out Now, New Video Released

Februum just released their debut EP entitled Secretly Dreaming Of Freezing To Death, and it features four songs with ridiculously long names. The second EP is in the works, just like the third one.


LORDAMOR - Working On Their Second Full-Length Album

After eight years of silence, the Finnish black/funeral doom metal band Lordamor is recording a follow up to their 2009 debut. The album has been in the works sporadically since 2010 and was finished in creative frenzy...


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In the spotlight


One of the most important musical projects inside the neoclassical/folk noir scene must be the German or rather European music ensemble Sagittarius. The project was born back in 1998, formed by Cornelius Waldner who felt the urge and need to work more intensively with classical music and soundscapes and to musically interpret traditional pieces of literature dear to him. Until now, Sagittarius released three full-lenght albums through labels like Cold Spriing Records (UK) and Renovatio Verlag (Germany), plus several limited edition releases. The first two releases of Sagittarius were two demo cassettes, Im Zeichen der Sonne (1999) and Fragmente (2002), soon after that Sagittarius released the debut album titled Die Grosse Marina in 2003 through Renovatio Verlag. The album is a conceptual composition based on Ernst Jünger's novel 'On The Marble Cliffs', but should not be understood as an attempt to put the entire book into music, instead, selected scenes and passages were picked out and inspired Sagittarius during the process of creation. Apart from six own compositions, the album also included musical pieces by Ion Manzatu, Simion Lefter and Ludwig van Beethoven.


Album of the month - October 2017

Band: Andras
Album title: Reminiszenzen...
Release date: 20 October 2017
Label: Einheit Produktionen

This seventh album of Germans Andras, Reminiszenzen..., is simply fantastic! A wonderful experience unprecedented in the history of this band. It's an honour to enjoy these 67 minutes of pure 90s style in a very well engineered context, yet with passionate lyrics which deal with nature in a spiritual way and the heresies of humanity when it considers itself superior to everything. The tracks are direct and deep with a stunningly ethereal atmosphere, yet with a demonic aggression in each of them. This guys are legends, they are in another dimension, they acquired with this monumental work of art a place between the gods of black metal. A masterful keyboard that match with other instruments and perfectly sets up this orchestral landscape of incessant beauty. There are many truly epic parts with clean vocals which are interspersed with aggressiveness in perfect simbiosis. Dirty mouths that could possibly say that the band is moving away from the traditional, can swallow soap. The guitar passages are heavy and still often melodic, the riffs are mesmerizing. Pure darkened art with bewitching melancholy and real passion, this is the kind of an album for those who want to embark on a journey full of passion and divine consciousness of nature and the relations of mankind with his place in this chain.

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Video of the week

Astari Nite - Divination

Recommended by Terra Relicta

Band: Dead Melodies
Album title: Legends Of The Wood
Release date: 16 May 2017
Label: Cryo Chamber

Dead melodies is a new artist and these soundscapes are pushed forward by one man: Tom Moore who has a few fairly unknown albums scattered in his bandcamp. The melodies within these soundscapes fit perfectly toward these memories of this place you once inhabited. Heavy bass, gorgeous field recordings, and drones of the highest order really make me think this artist will be one to remember for years to come. These are some heavily processed and high quality field recordings, drones heavy enough to crush anyone’s good spirit, and a story that really makes this album special. Light and dark balance out very well and lead you into intriguing old legends worth looking into. You’re left with these questions: are you ever really alone in nature? Are the legends of the black forests true? Are forests really alive?

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