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Terra Relicta Top 20 Of 2015

01. Marilyn Manson - The Pale Emperor
02. Moonspell -
03. A Forest Of Stars -
Beware The Sword You Cannot See
04. Atrium Carceri -
The Old City-OST
05. Lotus Feed -
Secret Garden
06. Galar -
De Gjenlevende
07. Helrunar -
08. Northaunt -
Istid I-II
09. Decline Of The I -
10. Farewell -
Living Ends


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DARK DESOLATION - Joins The Roster Of Power Back Records

Indian black metallers Dark Desolation have joined forces with Power Back Records. And while still being true to their roots, they have taken a great step forward in the evolution of their brand of black metal typically described as pugnacious. Dark Desolation is ready and looking forward to unleash a new masterpiece very soon that will create a phenomenon in the history of metal music worldwide, as they say... The band was formed in 2010 and draws its inspiration from sheer interest towards the genre and the music. Dark Desolation was also picked up for a compilation album by Metal Hammer to begin with. Link

BLACK MARE – Premiere New Video

Black Mare, a dark ambient side project of Ides Of Gemini frontwoman, Sera Timms, presented a brand new video clip of the song "Low Crimes". On this song, her bandmates from Ides Of Gemini and Mustard Gas & Roses (MGR) contributed to an aurally lush, yet glacially-paced cruise through Timms' frozen world wherein she encourages the mind's eye to notice relics like the feathers of fallen angels scattered about the snow. Ice crystals form on an old church bell in the distance as the subarctic tones of the composition take over everything in their path. There is no escape and there will be no thaw. Sera Timms stated on the song: "I was trying to capture a deep, lush underworld feeling on "Low Crimes", but I wanted there to be a thread of light and softness. My own voice was not providing this, so I ended up having Tara Vanflower from Lycia add backing vocals which gives the vocal parts this perfect ethereal shimmering quality just hovering above the darkness." The video was also directed by Timms herself and with this video, which you can watch below. An upcoming split album  of Black Mare with Lycia will be released on 18th April 2015 via Magic Bullet. Link

ARS IRAE - Tracklist, Cover Artwork And The Title Track Of Upcoming Album Revealed

German black-deathers Ars Irae have revealed the artwork and tracklist of their upcoming album. Dunkle Klänge, the band's second full-length, will be released on 15th May through Quality Steel Records. It was recorded and produced in the band’s own studio and mastered by Dan Swanö at Unisound studio. Tracklist and cover artwork are below, as well you can give a listen to the albums title track, including a video of the drum recording. Link

Dunkle Klänge tracklist:
01. Des Jägers Fluch
02. Dunkle Klänge
03. In die Tiefe
04. Wieland der Schmied
05. Schatten
06. Als nichts war
07. Ein neuer König
08. Blutrote Flammen
09. Herbst
10. Homo Sum Humani

THURISAZ - New Video Released

Belgian melodic/atmospheric extreme doom metallers Thurisaz have released a new video clip for the track "One Final Step". It was directed and filmed by Jeroen Mylle. The track is taken from bands last studio album, The Pulse Of Mourning, which was released on 31st March via Sleaszy Rider Records. Watch the video below. Link

ESOTERIC - Update On Seventh Full Lenght Album, Upcoming Vinyl Releases And Back Catalogue Re-Issues

UK experimental doomsters Esoteric are hard at work on what will be the bands seventh full-length album and the follow up to 2011's Paragon Of Dissonance. As the band explain, this pretty much means that for the rest of the year they will be concentrating on preparation and recording:  "We will be playing a few one-off shows and festivals, but we don't intend to take part in any tours this year as we want our main focus to be on the album. If all goes to plan we hope to complete the writing by the end of 2015. The cycle continues..." The last years departure of keyboard player Jan Krause has not affected the ability of the line up of Gordon Bicknell on guitar, Mark Bodossian on bass, Greg Chandler on guitar and vocals, Joe Fletcher on drums, and Jim Nolan on guitar, to crack on with the new album, nor has it stopped them playing live while they search for a replacement. With an appearance at Bergen's Blastfest already behind them, other confirmed dates include a show at The Boston Music Room in London along with Ahab on the 4th of July, and the 20th Anniversary celebration of Brutal Assault Festival in the Czech Republic in August. As well as the new album, Esoteric also have other releases on their mind, which vinyl fans will definitely appreciate. The band has stated an issue about this: "We plan to release The Pernicious Enigma and Metamorphogenesis on vinyl, which are the two remaining albums from our back catalogue that haven't yet been released in this format. After that we will be re-releasing our first two albums on CD, but we will have more details about everything we're planning to do as we go along." Link

ISVIND - Finished The Recording Of New Album

Norwegian black metal institution Isvind has finished the recordings for their new album entitled Gud. After eight days of recording without any help of synths or other tricks the band reports that the result is fantastic! Due to a broken arm Slää (drums) couldn't take part of the recordings, the drums were recorded by Antichristian (Tsjuder). The release of Gud is scheduled for early July 2015 via Folter Records. More news and updates about the upcoming album should follow soon. Link

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Album of the month - March 2015

Band: Moonspell
Album title: Extinct
Release date: 6 March 2015
Label: Napalm Records

Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Hanging Garden
Album title: At Every Door
Release date: 21 January 2013
Label: Lifeforce Records - See more at:
Band: Enshine
Album title: Origin
Release date: 15 May 2013
Label: Rain Without End Records/Naturmacht Productions - See more at:

Exactly twenty years after their first full length release, Wolfheart, the Portuguese quintet is back in black and believe it or not, they are on their prime. Establishing their recognizable sound throughout their admired and rich repertoire, their latest album, Extinct, is everything anyone who at least fancies Moonspell a bit would want and wish, as it not only portrays their immense talent and skilful musicianship, but also depicts just how much they have grown and learnt throughout the years. So what you are in for is an incredibly transcendental and remarkable path towards the end, that won't make you fear for life, but you'll want to drive faster and further into the promised extinction as you go along. There is absolutely no doubt Moonspell gave it all they have on Extinct. Imagine taking all the best features of Moonspell's discography and integrate them in the most eloquent sounding melodies: that is what they are offering us. Moonspell are still – after 26 years of their being – full of fresh ideas, bold enough to explore different aspects of their sound, sliding through colourless soundscapes, moving further and most of all – with such immense knowledge possessing absolute control of what they are doing. Extinct may revolve around dying and extinction, but Moonspell have never been as alive as they are.

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Video of the week

Stoneman - Der Rote Vorhang

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